Monday, 20 June 2011

Audio Forensic Course at Puslabfor Mabes Polri

This week, I will deliver lecturing theory and hands-on practice on Audio Forensic. It will be conducted at Puslabfor Mabes Polri in which the participants are representatives from all Forensic Lab Branches in Indonesia. On this course, I will guide them on how to perform Audio Forensic for voice recognition purposes. Some topics I will lecture are: 
  • Theory of Voice
  • Components of Voice
  • Procedure of Audio Forensic
  • Statistical Analysis of Pitch
  • Statistical Analysis of Formant, based on Anova (Analysis of Variances) and LR (Likelihood Ratio)
  • Analysis of Graphical Distribution
  • Analysis of Spectrogram
This paper was written in Indonesian language as it is formal language on this course. For anybody who cannot understand it, please use Google Translate to convert it to other languages. Hopefully it could be useful for anybody who would like to explore Audio Forensic. 

Please download it from the link below from my DropBox clouds.

Computer Forensic Training at Netherlands Police Academy

A couple weeks ago, I and my colleagues went to Netherlands for joining Computer Forensic Training at Netherlands Police Academy (NPA). It was conducted for 2 weeks. Personally I like to learn a lot about digital forensic and its related stuff, so that going to NPA for this training makes me happy. I could explore widely the world of computer forensic. On this training, I could obtain much knowledge and experience such as :
  • Mobile Forensic
  • Internet Investigation
  • Network Forensic
  • Education Management
  • Memory Forensic
  • EnCase
  • File System
For anybody who would like to know more about this, you could download the link below from my DropBox clouds.

I hope this report could be helpful in positive ways for gaining information on computer forensic.

Sorry .... !

It's a very long time for me not to post a new thing on this blog. Actually I really want to do it, but honestly there are so much things which must be done soon and properly. It takes almost all my time, so that I cannot allocate my free time to open this blog. Sorry for this inconvenience. Tonight, I force my self to renew my lovely blog again with some new information.