Monday, 20 June 2011

Computer Forensic Training at Netherlands Police Academy

A couple weeks ago, I and my colleagues went to Netherlands for joining Computer Forensic Training at Netherlands Police Academy (NPA). It was conducted for 2 weeks. Personally I like to learn a lot about digital forensic and its related stuff, so that going to NPA for this training makes me happy. I could explore widely the world of computer forensic. On this training, I could obtain much knowledge and experience such as :
  • Mobile Forensic
  • Internet Investigation
  • Network Forensic
  • Education Management
  • Memory Forensic
  • EnCase
  • File System
For anybody who would like to know more about this, you could download the link below from my DropBox clouds.

I hope this report could be helpful in positive ways for gaining information on computer forensic.


  1. Salam kenal pak Nuh. Saya Andri P Heriyanto, sekarang saya sedang kuliah di Edith Cowan University. Saya sangat berterima kasih atas informasi yang pak Nuh sampaikan lewat blog ini. Banyak yang bisa saya peroleh.