Sunday, 13 September 2009

Experiment 15 on Wine as Ubuntu Super Bridge

I like Wine application on Ubuntu a lot. It makes a significant difference between Ubuntu and Ms Windows, although not all Windows applications can be installed into Ubuntu. For some cases, it is very helpful. I suggest anybody to install and use it so that the machine becomes more flexible.

One of amazing tools under Ubuntu 8.10 is Wine. Through this application the forensics investigators can run some Windows XP applications properly under Ubuntu 8.10 machine, otherwise there is no such application under Windows XP.
Through Wine, Ms Office Password Recovery from Elcomsoft can be installed into Ubuntu 8.10 machine. This application is often used by the forensics investigators to recover password from Ms Office files. Actually this Password Recovery application can only run under Windows XP, it can not run under Ubuntu machine, but through Wine, it becomes possible.
 Figure 1
Ms Office Password Recovery application of Windows XP can run under Ubuntu 8.10 through Win
For this experiment, a Ms Word file was set up with password protection for opening file. Through Wine, the Password Recovery tool is run under Ubuntu 8.10 to recover the password. The result produced was excellent in which the password can be recovered successfully.

Figure 2
 Ms Office password recovery application shows the results of password recovered after running under Ubuntu.
At certain extent, Wine application shows the advantage of Ubuntu 8.10 in dealing with forensics analysis by running some forensics tools of Windows XP under Ubuntu 8.10 machine.

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