Monday, 7 September 2009

Welcome Message

Dear All,

Welcome to my blog, I dedicate this blog for everyone who would like to involve in computer forensic investigation. I realise this blog is still far from satisfaction of readers, nevertheless I try to deliver a good forensic stuff to know and understand. Perhaps some of them are obsolete and already known by some readers, but in my point of view, any knowledge particularly computer science does not have expiry to deliver. They are still important to understand. However the new stuff is much better than the old one.

This blog is based on my experience and knowledge when dealing with computer crime investigation for more than twelve years. There is a lot of findings which are interesting to know and share to anyone such as forensic imaging, anti-forensic, network investigation, email examination and so on. This blog exists because my colleagues also encourage me to launch a website or blog as a medium to share. In the past time, I usually used emails to share computer forensic-related information to them. It was so limited; therefore they told me to make a blog containing such information so that other forensic people could know it, not only them. In order to respond this request, this blog comes to you.

About the grammar, I think you will probably find inappropriate English words or structure. I apologise for that. It is accidental. I hope you could still understand the point which is the most important. Please enjoy reading it and do not hesitate to give me feedback if you think there is a way to improve.

Muhammad Nuh Al-Azhar

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