Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Experiment 7 on Ms Windows Live Flashdisk

Before these experiments, I would like to have a flashdisk which can run live to boot a machine. The flashdisk contains Ms Windows system files. Below is my email contents sent by email to my colleagues at Strathclyde on 11 December 2008.
I just wanna share again my successful experiment last night. It is about how to make Ms Windows OS Live Flash disk, so that we can boot a computer through flash disk containing Ms Windows OS live.

The tools we need are BartPE and PeToUSB running under Ms Windows OS. The first thing to do is running BartPE, then enter the path to the source of MS WIndows OS files, for instance CD-ROM drive. There are two choices on 'Media Output' namely 'Create ISO Image' or 'Burn CD/DVD', so we can select what we wanna do. For my experiment, because CD-ROM drive has been occupied by original Ms Windows OS CD, so I select 'Create ISO Image', after all, just click 'Build'.

After the 'Building' process finishes, I run CD burning application to burn the ISO Image file into a CD. Still BartPE CD is in the CD-ROM drive, run PeToUSB, then enter the source path of BartPE files, in this case it is CD-ROM drive and check the box on 'File Copy Options' to enable it, after that just click 'Start'. After this process completes, We can have bootable flash disk which can run Ms Windows OS live.

Actually I have tried Unetbootin and USB Startup Creator from Ubuntu 8.10. Eventhough the process of planting bootable BartPE system finishes successfully, the flashdisk can not work. However Unetbootin and USB Startup Creator still can be used to make flash disk become bootable running on Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Helix and so on.

I hope this could be useful in a positive meaning.

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