Saturday, 23 March 2013

Major Cyberattack Hits South Korean Banks and Broadcasters

The news of The SANS Institute in this early morning wakes me up from sleepy condition. Trojan.....and trojan again. Always the same way to attack banks. Why are the bankers not aware from this attack? There are many ways to install trojans to bank computers as the targets. They should be aware of this. Please read it below.

Major Cyberattack Hits South Korean Banks and Broadcasters (March 20 & 21, 2013) A major cyberattack hit South Korean banks and broadcasters earlier this week. Two of the country's large banks and three broadcasters were affected, but government systems were not targeted. The malware wiped files from infected computers. Shortly after the attacks, there was speculation that North Korea was responsible, but there has not been positive attribution. James Barnett, former chief of public safety and homeland security for the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) notes that, "This needs to be a wake-up call. This can happen anywhere." Investigators think that malware may have been spread through servers that send out automatic updates and patches. Symantec researchers say the attack used a Trojan horse program known as Jokra, which can overwrite computers' master boot records and all the data stored there.,0, 1356665.story More details at

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