Friday, 29 March 2013

Massive DDoS against Spamhaus reaches 300Gbps

If the DDos below is committed again in the future with several or even many big targets on a certain country, it could shut the internet down in a wide range of the country's area. If this happens, many people cannot do their own activities based on the internet such as accessing emails, bank accounts, online news and much more. I could say this is one form of cyber terrorism or even cyber war, if it attacks a certain country and the perpetrators are supported by another country. Do we already think about this?  What should we do to strengthen/harden the internet backbone in our country? That requires a well-coordinated team work involving several parties.

From The SANS Institute:
Following a dispute between Dutch hosting provider Cyberbunker and anti-spam group Spamhous, the latter suffered what initially began as a relatively small - 10 Gbps -DDoS, which escalated over the course of last week to a 300Gbps flood. Anti-DDoS provider CloudFlare noted that the attackers - who have not been conclusively linked to Cyberbunker - were able to generate such huge volumes of traffic by using open DNS resolvers, which can respond to small, spoofed requests with massive floods of data. As a result of this attack - one of the largest ever on the Internet to date - a new project has been announced to locate and fix all of the approximately 27 million such systems on the Internet today. Reference:

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