Saturday, 23 March 2013

Video Profiling on The Best 10 of Chevening Alumni in Indonesia

Several days ago, a team of British Embassy came to my office and labs. They would like to take video profiling on me as the Best 10 among thousands of Chevening alumni in Indonesia. Chevening is a scholarship provided and supported officially  by yhe Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK government. In the implementation, it is administered by the British Council. It is open for any candidates of any country who would like to join postgraduate degree in the UK. They have to pass several tests before getting this prestigious scholarships award. With the Chevening scholarships, I took MSc in Forensic Informatics at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, UK. I joined it in 2008/09. I got mark of distinction for my dissertation about Steganography Forensic. After finishing my study at the Strathclyde, I returned to my office in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have a personal mission to develop digital forensic at my labs and in Indonesia in general, that's why I like sharing on digital forensic a lot such as to be speaker or instructor for seminars and courses, even I wrote a technical book with title of "Digital Forensic: Practical Guidelines for Computer Investigation" which was published last year. Currently I hold the job as the Chief of Computer Forensic Sub-Dept. at Indonesian Police Forensic Lab Centre (Puslabfor Bareskrim Polri). In this job, I and my team are responsible for digital forensic analysis on any type of electronic and digital evidence coming from cases of computer crime and computer-related crime in Indonesia.
With this job, I've already made 15 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on each technical  steps of digital forensic. I could say my computer forensic lab is one of institutes in the world having many SOPs as the guidelines for digital forensic works.

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